Every project that we receive is viewed by us as unique so we respect 4 main directions when designing it: architectural and technical quality, flexibility in architectural and constructive solutions, customization to customer requirements, efficiency and intelligent allocation of resources. Consultancy on optimizing investment costs by choosing the correct construction systems, building materials, installation equipment.

Consultancy in choosing a land, an old building or an existing building. It is important to consult an architect when you want to make the investment so that you make the best decision along with it, which will lead to the reduction of possible unforeseen costs and last but not least the materialization of your dream.

As work projects we cover a wide range of designs:

  • Residential Architecture (Single or Collective Dwellings;
  • Industrial design (production or storage halls, logistics centers);
  • Interior and exterior Design of worship constructions (churches);
  • Designing parks, playgrounds, multifunctional centers – football and athletics;
  • Design of special installations – fire detection and fire alarm systems, hydrant extinguishing systems, sprinklers, data and voice installations, access control devices;
  • Town planning: roads, bridges, water supply and sewage.